Of course our boom pumps aren’t the only way to navigate a tricky access situation, our ground line pumps are ideal for sites set far back from the road. Not only that, but the pumps transport concrete at around 1m³ per minute, so they make jobs quicker and easier!

One such job, working with building company Big Town Design & Build to pour a concrete retaining wall for a garden outhouse, had fairly straightforward access but our ground lines made sure the job could be complete in just a few hours.


To ensure the most convenience for the builders on site, and of course, less disruption to the homeowners, we sent two pumps with over 100m of line. It took just 30 minutes to get the pipes all set up, and then just an hour to complete the 12m3 pour of C40 structural wall concrete.

Once complete, we were left with around 1m3 of concrete in the line and hopper, which was handy for infilling a different small area in the garden. It tooks us another 40 minutes to pack up and wash down the road, leaving our customers and the homeowners happy with a job well poured.

Big Town chose us specially for this job after having poor experiences with other suppliers. They found us online, and after reading our customer reviews they gave us a call. Big Town are now one of our most serviced customers, and we carry out between 3 and 5 pours for them each week.