EasyMix are very proud to have been awarded ‘CLOCS Champion’ status, which means we have been chosen by Construction Logics and Community Safety to implement and maintain their standards for managing road safety in our industry.

Between 2008 and 2014, 53% of cyclist fatalities on our roads involved an HGV, with a ‘disproportionate’ number of these HGVs being construction vehicles. An independent review by TfL found a number of ways that these collisions could be prevented in future, setting in place a number of standards that CLOCS members are required to implement in their work.

Quality operation  Fleet operators shall ensure the transport operation meets the standard of an independent fleet management audit

Collision reporting Any information about any road traffic collision that results in injury or damage to vehicles or property  should be captured and investigated by fleet operators, with all data being reported the client or contractor

Traffic routing Fleet operators must make sure that they adhere to all routes to sites specified by clients, unless directed otherwise

Warning signage Vehicles over 3.5 tonnes must feature prominent signage warning other road users to keep a safe distance from the vehicle

Side under-run protection Side guards must be fitted to all mixers, tippers and waste vehicles to minimise risk and severity of ‘under-run collisions’

Blind-spot minimisation Front, side and rear blind spots of vehicles heavier than 3.5 tonnes should be completely eliminated where practical

Manoeuvring warnings Vehicles over 3.5 tonnes should be equipped with enhanced audible means of warning road users of the vehicle’s left and reversing manoeuvres

Alongside the various vehicle-related safety measures, EasyMix as CLOCS Champions are committed to ensuring our drivers and fleet operators undergo extensive progressive training and development, specialising in the safety of vulnerable road users. As we operate a large fleet of vehicles across our many services, we’re on the road a lot, whether that’s one grab hire lorry on the way to a site or several mixing trucks en route to a huge construction project. Much like we adhere to strict safety standards on site, it’s also important that our fleet operators maximise road safety at all times.

The safety of our clients, staff and the people around us is of paramount importance to us, and we are very proud to have been accepted into the CLOCS scheme, which will help to improve the safety of vulnerable road users, improve and learn from any near-misses or incidents that occur during our time on the road. We’ll be able to work together with other businesses and organisations in our sector to improve road safety in our industry as a whole, and not just for ourselves.

EasyMix Concrete UK are proud to provide the highest quality concrete services in London, developed and perfected through years of experience and commitment to our customers. For more information about the work we do, please feel free to get in touch with us today and we’ll be more than happy to help.