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The Ultimate Guide to Concrete Pumping Introduction

Concrete pumping is designed to make the delivery and pouring of concrete easier, faster and tidier. Without these pumps, multiple trips with concrete-laden wheelbarrows would be required, taking time, requiring considerable physical effort and also running the risk of spillage and wastage.

Concrete pumps are popular thanks to their versatility and efficiency. With an ability to pump 1m3 of concrete per minute, they’re much faster than any other method of concrete transportation.

The pumps are often used when time is at a premium, or if access to the desired location for the concrete is limited or impossible for a mixing truck or for other methods of transporting the concrete.

View our handy guide below for more information about concrete pumps.

Types of Concrete Pumps

There are two types of concrete pumps that are used across construction projects: ground pumps and boom pumps. They each offer different benefits and suit different sites.

Ground Line Pump

Ground line pumps are hydraulic pumps that are mounted on to a truck. Using various connected steel pipes and hoses, the concrete is pumped at speed to a precise location. These pumps can reach up to 150m long, so even the most difficult of access routes can be overcome and the concrete can be delivered swiftly.

  • Ground line pumps transport concrete at around 1m3 per minute.
  • Ground line pumps come with 50 meters of line as standard, but are capable of pumping over 150 meters along the ground.
  • Perfect solution for difficult to access areas.
  • We offer both steel and flexi pipes.
  • Flexi pipes allow us to pour round corners with ease.
  • Available to hire without our concrete on a 4-5 hour period.
  • Our drivers will set up the line and pack it back down once finished.

Boom Pump

Boom pumps are designed for sites where even a ground pump can’t access the required location. Boom pumps can reach up and over the houses, pumping the concrete up through the hydraulic arm and back down into the exact spot where it’s required, thanks to their reach of up to 72m as well as possible extensions.

Boom pumps can ensure that no location is off limits for the pumping of concrete.


  • Our boom pumps transport concrete at around 1m3 per minute.
  • The hydraulic arm allows us to lift and place concrete pipes in hard-to-reach areas.
  • The pumps can go up stairs, over walls, fences and even certain buildings.
  • They can be used for domestic and commercial jobs alike.
  • Boom pumps come in various sizes ranging from 20 metres to 72 metres.
  • The speed and efficiency saves time, money and labour.
  • A highly skilled boom operator comes as standard to ensure quick yet skillful work.

Preparing For a Concrete Pump Vehicle

If you’ve opted for a concrete pumping service, then you’ll need to make sure that your site is as clear as possible for the trucks and the pumps themselves. While the pumps are known for being able to access tricky areas, helping improve that access where you can will improve the efficiency of the pumps and the project as a whole.

If you know that, for whatever reason, your site will not be able to accommodate the trucks - you might have a narrow driveway, or your property might be set back from the road - then you need to plan accordingly. Furthermore, if lots of cars often park on your road, making it narrower, informing us in advance of such a situation means we can alter our approach.

Before we send a truck out to you, one of our specialists will discuss your requirements with you so we know what kind of pump will work best for your needs.

Length Width Height
Concrete Mixers 11 metres 3 metres 3.9 metres
Concrete Pumps 6.7 metres 2 metres 2.5 metres

Want to see how concrete pumps work? View our pumps in action below.


Got any more questions?

Should you want to know anything else about our concrete pumping services, or about the process in general, we’re always happy to help. We have a dedicated concrete pumping FAQs page that answers the most common questions about pumping, from how it works to the main benefits of the service.


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Alternatively, you can use our concrete calculator to estimate how much concrete you need for your project.

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