Tipper hire is a service we provide whereby we offer the services of our fleet of modern tipper trucks. These trucks are designed to make the loading and unloading of large volumes of material as easy as possible. These trucks save time and labour costs, with the swift operation of the truck and competitive prices of the service combining to provide the ideal solution.

A tipper truck is used for collecting and unloading large volumes of material from a construction site. From topsoil to aggregates, these trucks can deal with a variety of materials, and the tilting mechanism of the truck bed means that they can be unloaded quickly and safely, saving you time and labour costs.

Typically, a tipper truck has a capacity of around 20 tonnes. Smaller options sometimes available, with capacities of around 14 tonnes and 16 tonnes respectively.

Tipper trucks can vary in size depending on the scale of the project they are needed for. There are 4,6 and 8 wheeled tipper trucks available, as well as articulated models. These trucks take on the following lengths and maximum weights (when fully loaded):

  • 4-wheeled: 7.6m/24.5t
  • 6-wheeled: 8.2m/26t
  • 8-wheeled: 9.8m/32t
  • Articulated: 14.2m/44t

All tipper trucks are 3m wide.

Tipper trucks can carry topsoil, brick, concretes, aggregates and subsoil in huge quantities, making it easy to transport them around a site or remove/deposit them altogether.

Tipper trucks do not take long at all to load. It’s important to remember that when you use our tipper hire service, you’re not just getting the truck - you’re also getting an experienced operator who will know exactly what to do in order to maximise the efficiency of the process. One of the main benefits of tipper trucks is the increased efficiency - you will save on labour and be able to focus efforts on other tasks, rather than having to get sidetracked by loading/moving construction waste.

If you have waste that is going to be collected by a tipper truck, then you need to take the size of the tipper truck into account. That is to say you should ensure it is in an unobstructed space that is easy for the truck to get to. Make sure there are no low-hanging trees or any walls that could get in the way of the truck or the tipping action, for example.

At EasyMix, we are very proud of our tipper hire service, as it adds another aspect to the comprehensive services we provide for customers throughout London and the surrounding areas. To find out more, please get in touch with us today.