Designing your garden is a chance to flex your creative muscles, with plenty of options available to give your outdoor space some added character and colour. Two of the most popular methods used by homeowners and garden designers alike are pathways and patios. With a seemingly endless scope for different designs, styles and colours, it can be difficult to know which patio or pathway is the best choice for you. That’s why we’ve created this buying guide to help you choose the ideal addition to your garden.


There are so many different materials available for your patio slabs, and each one has its own benefits and characteristics.

Natural stone

Natural stone benefits from unique colour tones and patterns in each slab, which means that your patio or pathway will be different to any other one in the world. It’s frost resistant, which means that you don’t have to worry about damage to the surface during the long, cold winter months. It’s also very easy to clean: no need to put your back out scrubbing each and every slab! Natural stone materials include:

Sandstone – a range of colours that make it perfect for modern and more traditional gardens alike. For more contemporary finishes, consider polished sandstone.

Limestone – limestone looks very clean and its neutral hues make it ideal for contributing to the feel of your garden without taking centre stage.

Granite – Consistent throughout and using sharp lines and edges, granite is the perfect material for contemporary garden patios and pathways.

Slate – The instantly recognisable dark grey of slate will stand out in any garden – perfect for adding contrast to your space.

Patterns and designs

You don’t just have to settle for square slabs for your surface. If you don’t want uniformity and would instead like something a little different, then there is a range of patio and pathway designs that can be easily laid to help give your garden some extra edge.

Circular patterns and corners – you can create these patterns and embed them into the path or patio themselves, or use them in an isolated manner to create a standout feature in your garden.

Mixed size patio slabs – For an asymmetrical, contemporary look, combine slabs of different sizes and shapes to make an eye catching design that doesn’t lose any of its tessellation or neatness.

Planks – A great way to make an alternative path in your garden, using ‘planks’ of stone instead of the traditional slabs can be aligned perfectly, or deliberately asymmetrically in order to create an attractive route through your garden. Alternatively, you can use these thin ‘planks’ as edging, to create borders for your patio or other areas of your garden.


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