Screed is a key component of a building project, used to cover and protect structural flooring. It consists of a thin layer of a composition of sand and cement, much like concrete, but it presents a much smoother layer than concrete does. Here, we’re going to detail the process of laying screed, so you can lay it properly on your site, avoiding any potential issues.

Make your mix

Firstly, you will need to have your screed mixed correctly. Mixing 4 parts sand to 1 part cement creates a fairly dry screed, and a good way to test whether or not your screed is at the required consistency is to squeeze it in your (gloved) hand. The mix should stay in a firm lump, and hardly any liquid should escape from it.

Timber framing

When laying screed, it isn’t just a case of pouring it onto the floor and spreading it out. A timber frame is required to ensure the screed does not spill into the wrong areas. Lay the frame and place a spirit level on it to ensure it is level, and then you can set about pouring the screed into it. It is recommended that you wet the timber first to avoid it drawing the moisture from the mix unnecessarily.

Lay the screed within the timber boundaries, levelling it off after each pour and moving the timber frame into the next position – take care when doing this, so as not to disturb the screed and damaging your hard work.

Fill in the gaps

Once you’ve completed laying screed on the whole surface, leave it to set for a day, and then fill any gaps with the same screed mixture. Use a piece of timber to level it out.

Leave to cure

The screed needs to be left to cure, which is a process that takes a few days. Cover the screed in a polyurethane sheet and make sure those around it are aware that it cannot be walked on for a few days.

Once you’ve laid the screed, levelled it out and allowed it to cure, you’ll be left with a smooth and reliable surface that can be used as a canvas for different flooring finishes, or left bare to be used as flooring in itself.

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