Our volumetric concrete mixer vehicles can mix a wide range of concrete. Our mixers arrive at your building site, home or the location of the concrete pour and then create the required amount of concrete.

We can provide concrete for foundations, slabs, pilings and more. Whether you’re looking for concrete for a small domestic shed base or a large commercial building, simply give us a call to discuss your requirements with our experienced team.

EasyMix is based in Croydon and covers much of South London, Central London, West London, North London, Surrey and Kent. For a detailed map of our covered areas click here.

We measure concrete in cubic metres (m³). Our concrete calculator can help you work out how much concrete you need, no matter what the shape or size of your project.

EasyMix Concrete’s volumetric mixer vehicles can mix up your concrete when we arrive at your site, so you can take as much or as little as you wish. We usually charge a minimum equivalent to 2m3 of concrete - about the size of a large shed base. For more information please simply call our office team to discuss your needs.

The best way to make a concrete pour booking with EasyMix Concrete is to call us and speak to our office team.

We welcome all types of jobs and usually take payment via card on site or over the phone. Payment is taken once the job has been completed and we have totalled up the amount of concrete that has been poured. Call the team for more information or to make a booking today.

Call us for an instant quote. There are several variables to consider when calculating concrete cost, such as the type of concrete or the mix design, the location that you need us, the equipment required and the size of the pour.

EasyMix Concrete is a competitive small business, call our office team today for your personalised and instant quote.

We can deliver concrete 24/7 - whenever you need it!

If you want to arrange a pour for a specific future date, or even on very short notice just let us know. Wherever possible, we are happy to arrange same day and next day deliveries, but during busy periods we suggest giving us 1 or 2 days’ notice before you need your concrete delivered or pumped.

Yes - at EasyMix Concrete we use a professional bookings database system. All job bookings are confirmed via email and we are also happy to send an SMS confirmation if you wish!

A priority for all jobs is parking space - Our mixer vehicles are approximately 11m long and 3m wide. If you are also using a pump you will need around 20m of parking space, which is the same as about 4 car lengths. Due to the weight of our vehicles we recommend that we park on the roadside rather than on your driveway.

You’ll also need wheelbarrows and labourers - Once we are parked up you will need to be ready to start pouring concrete as soon as possible. We provide 2 wheelbarrows for your use but depending on the size of the pour and the number of people you have to help, you may require more - unless of course you opt to hire a concrete pump.

If you have booked a mixer and a pump you can read further info about preparation in our concrete pumping FAQs.

The benefit of our volumetric concrete mixer vehicles is that we can respond to your needs for small or large quantities of concrete. As a rule of thumb, please try to confirm your order 24 hours before delivery, but if you find you need more concrete on the day, simply our office team and we will do our best to help you.

All of our EasyMix Concrete vehicles are fitted with GPS trackers, so we know exactly where our vehicles are all the time! This means we can make educated estimates for time of arrival to your concrete pour site and we always aim to arrive at every job within the 2-hour time slot given at booking.

If you require further notice, please let us know at the time of booking.

EasyMix Concrete plans our logistics around 4 daily time slots. We aim to complete each job within the estimated time slot. Depending on availability and the site location you can choose a delivery time between:

  • 08:00 - 10:00
  • 10:00 - 12:00
  • 12:00 - 14:00
  • 14:00 - 16:00

To check availability in your area please check our coverage map.

Our experienced office team are available on the phone from 06:30 every morning until late. They will be able to help you with any issues and keep you updated.

With our experienced operators and modern equipment we are confident we can pour concrete wherever you need it!

Our volumetric concrete mixer vehicles and pumps are capable of transporting concrete across long, difficult distances and up to great heights. Speak with our office team if you think you may have access issues and we will work together to find you the best solution.

For further information about pumping concrete please see our Benefits of Concrete Pumping article and infographic.

EasyMix Concrete has worked hard to become London’s best reviewed concrete company (you can read our reviews here). In 2015 we arrived to 87.1% of our jobs within the first hour of our 2-hour estimated arrival time. Our office team direct our vehicles efficiently around London to avoid traffic and other issues.

Customer satisfaction is a priority for us and if we are suffering delays or complications we will be open and honest in our communications with you.

There must be someone on the site to take responsibility for signing for the delivery of our concrete and services.

EasyMix does not provide a laying or wheelbarrow service (although we’ll help where we can) so you will need enough labourers on site to transport, lay and level any concrete delivered. For DIY or smaller concrete jobs, we recommend having somebody on hand who has some experience with laying and levelling concrete.

All EasyMix Concrete mixer vehicles carry 2 wheelbarrows for your convenience, however no other equipment is supplied. Please ensure you have the correct tools and safety equipment to complete the concrete pour, and to transport, lay and level your concrete.

For further information don’t hesitate to call us.

Concrete can be a messy business but we aim to leave every site in the same condition as we arrive.

All our vehicles carry water jet sprays to help clean up but we do recommend laying tarpaulin and protecting any delicate items or areas. If you are using wheelbarrows to transport the concrete be wary of spillages and try to create a sensible (flat and straight) route for the wheelbarrows. If you are using a concrete pump then you can read further information here, on our concrete pumping FAQs.

You can leave a review for us here - www.easymixconcrete.com/reviews.

As a small business we hugely appreciate every positive review that our customers leave. The members of our team are always told when they are mentioned personally in any feedback, and we are proud to be London’s best reviewed concrete company!