If you’re planning a construction project, whether that’s installing a driveway at your home or adding an extension to your property, or even building a brand new home from scratch, having the right type of concrete is imperative. Getting this wrong can lead to problems both immediate and long-term. But as there’s so many different types of concrete, how do you know which one you need? This blog post will run through the optimum applications for various strengths of concrete.

Driveways, pavements and patios

Driveways are going to be required to withstand heavy loads quite frequently, so you need to be sure that you have a concrete that is up to the job. Combining ready mix concrete with a base of aggregate, such as gravel  or limestone will ensure you have a strong, reliable surface that will be able to handle the weight of vehicles easily. The same goes for pavements – while they might not have to withstand the weight of vehicles, there’ll be a significant footfall on the surface on a daily basis, so strength is crucial.

Recommended concrete types:

  • C35

Garage and interior floors

Depending on what you use your garage floor for, it’s unlikely that you’ll be worried about how it looks. You might park your car in your garage, in which case it is likely to be marked by tyres and fluids from the vehicle – but these are only minor aesthetic blemishes that can be rectified. What’s important is that your garage floor is strong enough to cope with the weight of whatever you store in there. For interior floors, the aesthetics of the surface might be more important if you’re opting for a polished concrete finish.

Recommended concrete types:

  • Self-compacting concrete
  • Decorative concrete (for finishes)

New build home foundations

For new build homes, opt for a concrete that provides versatility, ease of placement and high durability. The ease of placement will ensure that it doesn’t hinder the project as a whole, and its durability is crucial for a home – having to repair foundations after the house has been built is hugely inconvenient and very costly. If you use a concrete with a high early strength, it can be ready for brickwork after 24 hours, which means you can keep your project moving – no waiting around.

Recommended concrete types:

  • C20 concrete
  • C25 concrete

Industrial foundations

For the heaviest of heavy-duty applications, only commercial concrete mixes will do. For things like roadworks, HGV parks, support beams and structural applications, you need concrete with strength greater than the mixes you might use for a domestic project. For things like farmyard slurries and septic tank bases, strong concrete also benefits from greater protection from the acidic and potentially hazardous chemicals present.

Recommended concrete types:

  • C40
  • PAV 2

Every type of concrete is particularly suited for certain applications and not for others. Using the right mix, grade and strength of concrete for your project helps to avoid issues that can cause major inconvenience, require extra expense and be a risk to the safety of those within your building.

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