Self-levelling screed is a polymer-modified screed poured in a liquid form that levels itself out. Commonly used as a finishing product for a previously-poured base, it can also be used as a finish in itself, and its liquid form makes it ideal for pouring around underfloor heating pipes.

When self-levelling screed is poured, it needs to be moved into place with a gauge rake, with special care taken to ensure it isn’t spread too thin. Once it has been spread, the surface tension needs to be lightly broken using a smoother, but the aforementioned polymers in the mixture will ensure the viscosity of the screed is preserved.

The average thickness of self-levelling screed is around 25mm. This reduced thickness means that it makes an very efficient thermal conductor, which is partly why it is so commonly used to encase underfloor heating pipes. Further benefits of this mix is its reduced shrinkage and superior compressive strength.

Other usages for self-levelling screed include industrial flooring, retail store floors and warehouse flooring. It is also used in homes and hotels too, as a decorative finish, as the faux-industrial trend increases in popularity. If a concrete topping is used, it can be dyed, stained or polished to present a different finish.

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