Screed is used around the world for construction projects of all types and scales, providing an extremely reliable and versatile solution for a variety of applications. It can be used as a covering/buffer over a concrete floor base before the addition of the final flooring finish, or it can be used as a flooring solution in itself – a popular choice for industrial settings.

The Mix

Traditional screed usually consists of a thin layer of cement paste, sand and fine aggregates. There’s a ratio that these screed mixes usually follow: one part cement to 3-5 parts sand (levelling screeds require 0-4mm of washed, sharp sand). This mix creates a smoother, freer-flowing mix than traditional concrete, despite them being made of similar ingredients.

What is Screed

Screed can be poured in wet and cold weather alike, as long as the outdoor temperature is over 3℃. Once the screed has been poured, make sure to allow the mix to cure before walking on it/adding a floor covering. This usually takes around 28 days but additives are available to help reduce curing time.

How is it used?

Screed is primarily used as a way of reinforcing and protecting flooring bases but it can also be used as a flooring solution in itself. The most common method is the pouring of screed over a flooring foundation or even underfloor heating, before the addition of the finish, such as tiles or carpets. For environments where heavy duty vehicles might be used, screed can be poured and used as a flooring finish in itself. This look is also sometimes favoured for environments where an industrial look is desired.

For properties where underfloor heating is required, screed is absolutely perfect. As well as protecting the heating system itself, it also helps retain heat for longer, saving money on energy bills.

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Screed’s versatility makes it useful for domestic, commercial and industrial premises. Another benefit of screed is that any mix can be altered to withstand any extra weight or traffic that is anticipated. Without screed, achieving a concrete floor that’s level enough to support a floor covering will be very difficult.

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