Among the various types of screed used in construction is liquid screed. It’s a somewhat underappreciated type of screed, with traditional versions still enjoying huge popularity for construction projects of all types and sizes. However, liquid screed has many benefits, and in this piece, the team at EasyMix are going to look at what those benefits are and how they can help you.

Ease of installation

Liquid screed is much quicker to install than other forms of screed – up to 10 times faster, in fact – and it requires a lot less labour, too.

Greater insulation

As liquid screed is less voluminous than other screeds, screed depth is reduced greatly, which means there’s room for thicker floor insulation. Thicker insulation means that a property can enjoy greater thermal efficiency, which means savings on heating bills.

Quicker drying times

The reduced depth of liquid screed means it dries quicker than other forms of screed, ideal for projects where a quick turnaround is needed.

Fast strengthening

After just 24 hours, liquid screed will be strong enough to be walked on. This is particularly useful as it means those using a site don’t have to take special measures to avoid the screed while it cures and there’s no delays to the project while the mix strengthens.

Perfect for underfloor heating

When used in conjunction with underfloor heating, liquid screed really comes into its own.  Due to its form, it can flow around the pipes, filling in the spaces around joins and gaps which would otherwise be tricky to deal with when using other screeds. The lack of gaps means that heat is distributed more evenly, resulting in greater thermal efficiency.

No shrinkage

There’s no shrinkage with liquid screed, which means there won’t be any cracks in your surface, just a smooth finish.

As you can see, there are a number of benefits to using liquid screeds, and at EasyMix we’re very proud to be able to provide high quality liquid screed to customers throughout London. From small domestic projects to large-scale industrial works, we deliver the highest quality products and service in the most professional manner with our same and next-day delivery options. For more information about what we do, please get in touch with us today.