Used for countless applications around the world, concrete has a multitude of uses and benefits, but one that might be somewhat underappreciated is its proficiency as a security measure. Its robust nature makes it ideal for certain safety and security practices, and we’re going to look into what security measures concrete is best suited for.

Ram raid prevention

Certain properties can be particularly at risk of ram-raids, which is where thieves use a vehicle to smash into a building and access whatever is inside. For smaller properties, such as post offices, for example, a car can cause considerable damage, which is why concrete blocks are so useful. Placed in front of large walls and windows, they will stop any ram-raiders in their tracks, preventing them from smashing their way through the property and stealing any valuable items.

Protection from vehicles

For owners of areas such as car parks or other open spaces, one issue that can cause inconvenience is unauthorised vehicles accessing the property. These vehicles can damage the terrain, and some can even stay for extended periods of time, which can be a huge hassle for the landowner, staff and members of the public. By installing concrete barriers, these vehicles will be prevented from accessing the land.

These concrete blocks are also being more heavily implemented near busy roads, too. With the recent tragic attacks in London, Westminster Bridge has been fitted with concrete blocks between the pavement and the road, with a gap too narrow for a car to fit through, protecting pedestrians from such lethal occurrences as the ones of just a few weeks ago.

Traffic control

For busy areas where cars file through, such as a shopping centre or supermarket car park, there is potential for accidents between vehicles or vehicles and pedestrians if the traffic is not managed correctly. Concrete barriers and bollards can be strategically placed to help control the flow of traffic, preventing accidents and queues of cars waiting to get in or out of your premises.

Flood defences

Floods are more common in certain areas than others, and the sheer velocity and volume of floodwater can cause untold damage and danger to properties and people in the vicinity. Flood defences can often take the form of concrete barriers, using the interlocking design to ensure no mortar, which is vulnerable to water, is required for installation.

Depending on a few factors: the size of your property, your budget and what you need the barriers for, you can have bespoke concrete barriers designed to offer optimum protection from your specific issue. Whether you need them to block vehicles, to block the view of your property or simply to mark out boundaries and routes, barriers can be created and installed in a wide range of properties.

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