When hiring a concrete pump for a project at your site, there are different types of pump which are more suited to some projects than others. Here at Easymix, we understand just how confusing it can be when trying to decipher which pump is suitable for your project, so here we explain a little more about the types of pump and what types of work and premises they are best suited to.

Concrete pumps can be categorised into two main types: ground line pumps and boom pumps.

Ground Line Pumps

Ground line pumpsGround Line Pumps are hydraulic pumps which are capable of pumping liquid concrete through a series of hoses and steel pipelines to deliver the concrete to the intended location. The pipeline is connected to the pump, with the concrete being poured into the pump’s hopper before being carried away through the pipeline.

Boom Pumps

Boom line pumpsBoom pumps function in a similar manner to ground line pumps, but have an additional feature. These pumps also feature an hydraulic arm which can manoeuvre the pipeline containing the concrete, allowing it to reach along, upwards and below, and even navigate around tight spots and obstacles. This type of pump is therefore highly recommended for concreting projects where there may be limited space at the premises in question, or simply many obstacles in the way which the concrete must be delivered around, between or beyond.

Pump configurations

Though these two types of concrete pump are different, they do share similar functionality, and can both be used in the same configurations, as explained below.

  • Both types of pump can be truck-mounted, whereby they are placed upon the back of a truck, allowing the pumps to be utilised for higher areas such as upstairs spaces in properties.
  • Both types of pump can also be trailer-mounted, which provides a flexible solution to playing your concrete in places where access is restricted.
  • Both types of pump can be provided as stationary pumps, whereby they have no wheels attached and remain still wherever they are placed. This solution suits situations in which concrete needs to be delivered over long distances and upwards through concrete pipelines as the pump provides a stable base for such activities.

Here at Easymix, we supply both types of pump, although our pumps are solely truck-mounted ones which our expert team of staff can operate, delivering concrete efficiently and flexibly to any type of project, even those with restricted access.

For more information on our concrete pumps and how to hire one for your concreting project, or for any other enquiry into our services, don’t hesitate to contact us today. Our friendly team are happy to help answer any questions our customers may have, and will provide you with the relevant information you need thanks to their considerable knowledge and expertise in the industry.