If you’ve ever had concrete delivered and found it a chore to move and lay then you’ll already know the benefits of hiring a concrete pump. But for those who are wondering why a concrete pump is useful then take a look below for some of the biggest ways in which a pumping can benefit you.

Time Saving

When you’re working on a project, time is everything. You need as much time as possible to get every detail of every job done properly. If you spend your entire time going back and forth to transport your concrete upstairs and into tricky areas, then you will be left with less time to actually work with the concrete to achieve what you need. This could result in the need for re-pouring, or it will simply give you an unacceptable finish.

Less Waste

Transferring mixed concrete via wheelbarrow or any similar method is always going to mean that you lose some concrete through spillage, but this is a waste which can be avoided with a concrete pump. Pumping the materials you need means it goes from A to B without any accidents, saving you money and giving you more to work with. It’s also good for the environment as you won’t need to over-order on concrete.

Reduction in Labour

By using concrete pumping, you reduce the amount of people you need on hand to transport the concrete around site. Without several people going between the mixer and the destination, you can save money on labour or reinvest that labour elsewhere on your site. You won’t even need to lug around those buckets and wheelbarrows if you have your concrete pumped; it’s quicker and takes less manpower to give you greater efficiency on site.

Access All Areas

When you take on any job there will be unforeseen obstacles in transporting materials and there will always be that one area which requires concrete laying that you cannot reach. Whether it’s up flights of stairs or in an inaccessible garden through trees and shrubbery, a concrete pump will enable you to deliver the payload of concrete directly onto the site, quickly and cleanly, so there is no job you won’t be able to take on. Some of the most impressive concrete designs in the world are made possible by concrete pumping.

This flexibility and efficiency will help you get the job done quicker and allow you to take on more jobs that would be too difficult for others.

Here at EasyMix Concrete, we can provide specialist concrete pumping services to give you minimal disruption on your project, as well as a clean, efficient and flexible way of delivering the materials you need exactly where you need them. Simply contact us today to find out more about our services and discuss your requirements with a member of our experienced team.