The UK concrete industry plays a key role in the construction sector, providing the foundations for countless buildings and infrastructure projects. Ensuring the quality, safety and sustainability of concrete products is very important, and this is where accreditations come into play. Accreditation bodies and standards organisations have established a solid framework to assess and certify concrete products and processes. In this article, the EasyMix team will explore some of the most important accreditations in the concrete industry.

BSI Kitemark

The British Standards Institution (BSI) Kitemark is one of the most recognised and respected certifications in the concrete industry, as it demonstrates compliance with British Standards (BS) and other relevant regulations. Products such as concrete blocks and ready-mix concrete can carry the Kitemark when they meet the rigorous quality and performance criteria. Having the Kitemark provides assurance to customers that the product has been independently tested and verified.

At EasyMix, we’ve achieved BS EN 206-1, BS 8500 and BSI – Assurance Mark ISO 14001:2015, something we’re very proud of!

ISO 9001:2015

ISO 9001

ISO 9001:2015 is an internationally recognised quality management standard. Many companies in the UK concrete industry pursue ISO 9001 certification to establish and maintain effective quality management systems. This accreditation not only demonstrates a commitment to quality but also improves overall operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Concrete Sustainability Council (CSC)

Concrete Sustainability Council (CSC)

In an era of increasing environmental awareness, the CSC plays a vital role in promoting sustainable practices within the concrete industry. The CSC certification evaluates and rates the sustainability of concrete products based on various criteria, including responsible sourcing of materials, environmental impact and social responsibility. Obtaining CSC certification reflects a commitment to sustainability and can be a significant competitive advantage in the market.


CLOCS champion london

The Construction, Logistics and Community Safety (CLOCS) standard demonstrates a commitment to upholding rigorous road safety standards in the concrete and construction industry. Here at EasyMix, we’ve been given “CLOCS Champion” status, meaning we are committed to making sure that all of our drivers are trained extensively and operate in the safest possible way.

CE Marking (Construction Products Regulation)

CE Marking (Construction Products Regulation)

CE marking is mandatory for many construction products, including concrete, within the European Union. It indicates that the product complies with the essential requirements of the Construction Products Regulation (CPR). For concrete, CE marking covers aspects such as mechanical resistance, durability and fire resistance. It ensures that concrete products meet specific safety and performance standards and can be legally placed on the market within the EU.

The Concrete Society

The Concrete Society

The Concrete Society offers various certifications and qualifications related to concrete. Their awards and accreditations recognise excellence in concrete construction and design. The society provides resources, guidance and expertise to professionals in the concrete industry, promoting innovation and best practices.


FORS Silver

The Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme (FORS) outlines key standards in fleet transport best practice. At EasyMix, we have been assessed and meet the Bronze level requirements, meaning we boast exemplary levels of safety, efficiency and environmental awareness.

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