This month has been another busy one for EasyMix, as we continue to add to and improve our fleet of mobile mixing trucks, including some brand new Roeline Pumps which promise to make awkward-to-access locations a much simpler and more efficient task.

However, as the temperatures drop and the seasons begin to change it has also become time to make preparations for the colder weather. This is because during the winter months special care must be taken when casting concrete, as it does not gain strength as quickly as it would during warmer climates.

Colder temperatures slow down the curing process of concrete, meaning extra attention must be paid while it is undergoing hydration as water in the young concrete may freeze. If ice crystals form in the concrete as it cures it can become damaged, dramatically heightening the risks of cracking and resulting in the entire concrete application becoming unfit and unsafe for use.

The BS 8110 requires that the temperature of the concrete does not fall below 5°C until the strength has reached 5MPa and, as this is a lot harder to control as the outside air temperature decreases, it is down to the concrete suppliers and specialists themselves to ensure concrete is laid to the most superior standard – even when it is cold.

EasyMix are committed to always conducting the highest quality work, all year round, whatever the conditions. As a result, as autumn rears its head and the onset of winter is ever approaching, we have made conscious decisions about our processes and the materials we work with in order to make sure we maintain our high levels service. This includes switching from Cem1 concrete to Cemergy, as this has been proven to react better with colder weather, ensuring a stronger, more durable finish.

So for more information about how the cold weather can affect concrete application and what we are doing to ensure any possible damage is completely avoided when you call upon our assistance, contact the fully trained and highly experienced concrete specialists at EasyMix today!