Interested in utilising concrete pump hire for your next project but not sure what it costs and what’s involved? Well don’t worry, the EasyMix team is here to clear a few things up for you.

Firstly, let’s start with the ready mix concrete prices. At EasyMix, our concrete pump hire service starts at £275, so this should give you a fairly good idea about whether you can accommodate this in your budget or not. As for the service itself, we will be digging a little deeper into it by answering some more questions.

Concrete boom extended over a fence to delivery concrete

How does a concrete pump actually operate?

Concrete pumps work by transporting wet concrete from the mixer to the site where it’s needed. The concrete is released from the mixer into a hopper, where an agitator keeps it flowing all the way to its destination. There are two cylinders at work – one that keeps the concrete moving on the forward stroke, and one that draws the concrete out from the mixer on the back stroke.

Is concrete pumping worth it?

While choosing to have your concrete pumped to the pour site will incur an additional cost, it can make the whole project a great deal smoother and quicker, which can actually end up helping you cut costs elsewhere. For example, if you opt for concrete pumping, you will actually need fewer people on site to help you transport the concrete around in the first place. This means you can reinvest that money elsewhere in the project to make your life easier.

We think this makes concrete pumping an extremely worthwhile investment if your site has access issues.

Will it help reduce waste?

Given that you don’t have to worry about things like wheelbarrow spillages, we can safely say that opting for concrete pumping will certainly help you reduce waste on site. As we mentioned earlier, you will also need less people on site to start with, so this will help keep waste generation to a minimum.

What preparation is required for a concrete pump?

The most important thing to do when preparing for a concrete pump is to ensure that there is parking space for both the mixer and the truck-mounted pump. You should also try to set up a rough pathway for the pump line to make things as simple as possible when the trucks do eventually arrive.

Is there a minimum amount of concrete required to make concrete pumping worth it?

You don’t need a particular amount of concrete to make pumping worthwhile. We can pump any amount of concrete, so if you feel that you could benefit from the service or if your site has serious access issues, then pumping will always be beneficial.

EasyMix is London’s favourite concrete supplier. We’ve helped plenty of clients over the years overcome difficult access issues with our concrete pump service, so if you would like to take advantage of it, all you have to do is give us a call and a member of our friendly team would be happy to get the ball rolling for you.