The last six months have been difficult for the team here at EasyMix, but we haven’t let the situation dampen our positivity. We’ve had time to gather as much information as possible about how to operate efficiently whilst keeping our staff and customers safe, and we’re confident that the measures for hygiene standards we have in place will be more than sufficient.

Today, we’re going to be covering some of the key ways that you can stay safe while working in construction, and the precautions that we’re taking to make sure that you, our valued customers, are safe.

The precautions we are taking to protect you

Firstly, let’s cover what we’re doing to protect you. Keeping both our customers and staff safe is our number-one priority, which is why we’ve put a number of different measures in place to ensure that, when you choose to use our concrete services, you can be secure in the knowledge that you’re completely safe.

Here are some of the measures we are taking:

  • Contact-free delivery: For your safety, we are making sure that our services are as contact-free as possible. This means that our drivers will stay in their cab whilst delivering concrete, only getting out where absolutely necessary. We are also making sure that our drivers have as little contact as possible with people on our site, minimising the risk of the virus being caught and passed on.
  • Full PPE: We are also making sure that any staff that visit a site are wearing full PPE, this includes: a mask, a high-vis jacket, safety goggles and gloves. All of our staff have also been issued with plenty of hand sanitiser that they can reapply frequently throughout the day.
  • Remote-controlled: Where possible, we can also offer services such as remote-controlled concrete pumping. This means that we can provide you with our high-quality concrete without having to leave our vehicles.

Working safely during the coronavirus pandemic

We would just like to say that we are keeping a close eye on all of the latest government information relating to proper working practices, so while the following guidelines are susceptible to change, they’re an excellent place to start:

  • Risk assessments: If your site is currently closed due the pandemic, then you’re going to want to carry out a risk assessment before reopening. This risk assessment should involve the acknowledgement of both physical and COVID-related safety hazards. For example, you’re going to want to make sure that sanitation stations are clearly marked, and that safe walking routes have been established.
  • Cleaning procedures: It’s vital that work areas are properly sanitised between uses. This means that surfaces, as well as objects like buckets, site equipment and control panels, should be cleaned thoroughly using the usual cleaning equipment. It’s also essential that any suspected cases of COVID-19 are reported immediately to the site manager, and extra non-recycling bins are provided for single use PPE, such as gloves.
  • Personal hygiene: On large sites, additional handwashing facilities should be provided to ensure that they are always easily accessible. It’s advised that signs and posters are used to remind staff to wash their hands frequently, and to demonstrate proper handwashing technique. Finally, clear guidance should be given for toilet usage to ensure social distancing is adhered to and the proper cleaning is carried out.

Maintaining hygiene standards on construction sites with hand washing

EasyMix Concrete UK Ltd specialise in the production and supply of concrete to customers throughout the South of England, including London and Surrey. We are doing our absolute best to control the spread of the virus while still offering our customers the high-quality service that we’re known for. To learn more about our services, don’t hesitate to get in touch.