Here at Easymix Concrete we’re always thinking about the future and the different ways that we can better our services for all customers. That’s why we’re proud to announce that, last month, we opened a brand new ready mix concrete batching plant, allowing us to take our concrete services to a new level of breadth and efficiency.

With the proposed batching plant being in the pipeline since November, 2018, we’ve worked tirelessly to ensure that our new premises is industry leading, and we can now provide an extensive range of concrete specs, all mixed with complete precision and in line with British standards.

Our new ready mix concrete batching plant can produce 120m3 per hour, meaning that we mix a range of different concrete types to meet the requirements of even the most demanding projects. What’s more, we can use a wide range of additives to speed up and slow down curing times and even apply retarders and waterproofing agents, further increasing the versatility of our concrete.

Here’s what our business executive, Dan Carter, had to say: “Ultimately, our new plant allows us to be more versatile, widening the scope for us to supply concrete for any project or any customer.”

So, whether you need some ready-mix concrete for a new DIY job or specialist mix for a large construction project, you can rest assured that we have what it takes. Contact the team here at Easymix Concrete for more information.