Concrete floors are used properties of all types for varying purposes, from strong, simple warehouse flooring to trendy surfaces in modern kitchens. Whatever the purpose your concrete floor is going to serve, it must be poured and installed properly in order to do its job properly. While this work is often carried out by professional construction companies, it can be done without professional assistance, as long as all the right steps are taken. Here, the team at EasyMix will run through what you need to do in order to pour the perfect floor.

How to pour a concrete floor

There are several key steps to keep in mind when pouring a concrete floor:

  • Preparation
  • Base layer
  • Reinforcements
  • Pouring
  • Curing

Let’s look at these steps in more detail.

Prepare the site

Unfortunately, you can’t just turn up with your floor mix and pour it. Preparation is key for this process, and precision is vital. Firstly, make sure that you have accurately measured the area that you want your floor to cover. Once you’ve done this, if you are building on soil, you need to compact the earth to make sure it is strong and level for the concrete flooring. Smooth, compact ground is conducive to a crack-free concrete floor, so the importance of the compacting and levelling process cannot be overstated.

Time for the base

A base layer between the soil and your concrete floor is crucial. The amount of aggregate you need for the base will vary depending on what kind of soil you are building upon. There should be around two to four inches of aggregate laid.


Depending on the types of loads your floor is expected to withstand, you may want to consider reinforcement bars. If you anticipate mainly light loads on your floor, then you might not need to reinforce it. However, for floors that are going to have to endure a lot of weight, then rebars are almost a necessity. For large structures, a structural firm must compute and certify any reinforcement work. For smaller spaces, however, 10 rebars 600mm apart will do a solid job of strengthening your floor.

Pour the concrete

No matter the type of concrete you are using for your floor, it’s important that the mix is still fresh and malleable when pouring. Ideally, ready mixed concrete should be poured no more than two hours after it has left the batching plant. When pouring the concrete, be sure that you have a rake on standby to even out the concrete once it’s in place. You can also use a bull float to smooth out the concrete once it’s been poured. However, you must wait until the moisture in the mix has risen to the surface before floating it.


Once you’ve poured your floor mix, you need to play the waiting game. Allow 10 days for the concrete to cure, taking care to keep the concrete cool and maintain the moisture levels to avoid it drying out. Once the 10 days have passed, your floor is ready to go!

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