Boom pumps transport concrete from a hopper to the pour site along a series of connected pipes and hoses. They transport concrete at around 1m³ per minute and feature an hydraulic arm which can lift and place the concrete pipes into particularly difficult access areas.

A boom pump is used to deliver concrete to the highest, lowest and tightest spots that a ground line pump couldn’t reach, making them perfect for jobs at height and for drop pouring from directly above.

A truck-mounted concrete boom pump is sometimes called a roll and fold pump. It offers great control and convenience on site, as well as extra reach that comes from the extra long boom sections. It also has a flexible boom tip articulation that enables jobs to be completed quicker, and with better results.

A Z boom pump is a large, versatile truck-mounted pump, that can be easily maneuvered around site. Ideal for multi-site pours and busy sites, the 5-section Z booms are the most popular as they can reach extra distances and into awkward locations.

Yes - boom pumps are ideal for any type of concrete pour where speed would be a benefit, or where access could present an issue. Often used in commercial pours to access heights on construction sites, as well as for domestic pours if the pour site is located at the back of a house with no other access route.

Yes - our boom pumps can be extended from 20 metres in length to 42 metres, so you can be sure it will reach your site efficiently.

Put simply, a concrete mixer pours the concrete into a hopper attached to the pump truck. The hopper churns the concrete to maintain an easy-flow consistency. The concrete is then sucked into a valve system, and simultaneously pushed through the concrete pipes attached to the boom pump until it reaches the pour site.

A boom pump can pump as much concrete as required for the project. EasyMix pumps pump at a rate of 1m³ per minute, so even a large amount of concrete can be pumped quickly.

There are many different sizes of boom pumps. Some of the smallest boom pumps can reach 20 metres, while mammoth boom pumps used on huge commercial sites can go as far as 70 metres!

  • Ensures a fast delivery and optimal working time
  • Extendable boom can reach great heights and navigate any access issue
  • Saves time, manpower and money
  • Cleaner and less messy than wheelbarrowing or lifting concrete - no spillages
  • Metered delivery for cost efficiency
  • Pump extremely long distances while retaining power

Both - the boom arm can be used to pump concrete long distances horizontally, but it can also be lifted up to pump concrete up, over and under obstacles or to high pour sites.

Boom pumps range from 20 metres up to 70 metres depending on the size of the boom and it’s hydraulic arm.

EasyMix need about 20 meters (or 4 car lengths) of hard standing in order to park the concrete boom pump and the concrete mixer truck.