EasyMix Concrete UK LTD are incredibly happy to receive accreditation from the Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme this week. As a growing business it’s incredibly important for us to maintain our reputation and set ourselves apart from other London based volumetric concrete suppliers.

The whole team worked extremely hard to win this achievement, Read On for more informaton about how we achieved it!

What is FORS?

FORS is an accreditation scheme that aims to make a company’s fleet safer, greener and more knowledgeable within the industry.


We decided we wanted to become a FORS accredited concrete supplier in London for several reasons:

  • Continue our commitment to be an industry leader.
  • Reduce fuel emissions and enhance fuel efficiency.
  • Ensure our health and safety practices continue to be recognised as far above standard.
  • Allow our fleet entry to every building site with confidence in our company’s practices.
  • Stand out from the crowded sector as London’s best reviewed and FORS accredited concrete supplier.

How do you get FORS?

FORS accreditation requires that EasyMix Concrete UK LTD continues with the rigorous paperwork, inspections, assessments, exams and training plans that we have always followed.

Once we were prepared a member of the FORS assessment team came to inspect the yard, offices and speak with our staff. After a short wait we received our answer – and were very happy to have passed the assessment and be awarded FORS Accreditation!

What’s Next?

Once awarded a Bronze FORS accreditation a company is able to progress to Silver and Gold. Each new accreditation ensures we have made more improvements to our practices. Watch this space for future news!