Construction projects, by their very nature, generate a fair bit of waste and debris. During the course of any construction process, materials will be discarded, and it can leave a construction site looking quite messy. So, it’s important that this waste is cleared up, either as the project moves along, or at the end when everything else is finished. However it’s done, what’s important is that it gets done. Here, we will look at the best, most effective ways to go about clearing rubbish from your construction site.

Know the waste

When clearing any waste from your construction site, no matter how small or large the quantity is, it’s important that you are aware of what kind of waste you are dealing with. Different types of waste require different disposal measures, and this is particularly important for items classed as hazardous waste. Hazardous waste includes things like batteries, paints and solvents, aerosols and electronics. There are stringent regulations regarding the disposal of this type of waste, so make sure you are aware of them and how to follow them.

Separate waste types

We have mentioned above that it’s important you know the waste you’re dealing with, but it’s also important to keep these types separate when preparing them for removal. For example, keep recyclable waste away from materials that are going to be sent to landfill – companies can separate these wastes at their recycling plants but it helps if you take the first step.

Use a professional company

If possible, try and obtain the services of a qualified, accredited waste management company. These companies are fully equipped to deal with all types and quantities of construction waste, and hiring them to do so means you can save yourself time and labour that might be better spent elsewhere. Things like house clearances, grab truck hire and tipper hire can be incredibly useful and cost effective.

Grab lorries

Grab hire is a very popular choice for people who need to have large quantities of construction waste removed from their property. Using an extendable grab arm to pick up the materials and deposit them in the truck bed, these machines can collect large amounts of waste and transport them around or away from a site with ease and efficiency, saving time and labour costs. They will be operated by a trained professional, so there will be minimal fuss or delays while they go about their work. If you choose to hire a grab lorry, ensure waste is placed in an unobstructed, open space, as the lorries themselves are quite large.

Tipper hire

Tipper lorries are another effective way of collecting large amounts of construction waste. Their spacious beds means they can carry large quantities of varying materials to and from sites. Whether you have aggregates or top soil that need moving, these lorries can cater for your requirements. With capacities of up to 20 tonnes, there’s room for all scales of projects.

Muck Away

A lesser-known, but just as effective waste removal service is muck away. Designed to remove inert material, like soil, rubble and concrete efficiently, with waste being collected by grab lorries and disposed of in accordance with environmental legislation. The operators of the lorries will be fully trained, so they will be able to load the waste quickly, efficiently and safely.


Skips are an effective way to remove waste from your property. They are available in a range of sizes, so you can choose to hire one that suits the scale of your project. If you feel you don’t need an entire skip, you can also use heavy duty skip bags, which are able to hold a considerable amount of waste. If you are considering hiring a skip, make sure you obtain permission from your local authority.

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