Although concrete is strong in itself, there is always opportunity for strengthening, and steel fibre-reinforced concrete is one the popular choices for people who require a little extra resilience from their mix. But why is reinforced concrete used and what makes it such a useful product? We’re going to detail the benefits of this particular concrete, so you can find out if it’s right for you.


The addition of steel fibres to mortar delivers a drastic improvement to the strength of the mixture. Before reinforcement, the flexural strength of the concrete stands at around 25%. After steel fibres are added, this flexural strength is increased to 100%, depending on how many fibres have been incorporated into the mix.

Saving time and money

Strengthened concrete offers a number of benefits aside from the obvious increased strength, particularly in the area efficiency. These include:

  • Wider joint spacing – joint forming costs reduced, less need for joint maintenance
  • Reduced slab thickness – money saved on concrete and placement
  • Simplified construction – joints are simpler, steel fabric positioning errors eliminated
  • Construction process is sped up

Technical benefits

  • The risk of cracking is significantly reduced
  • Reduced spalling at joint edges
  • Stronger joints
  • Greater impact resistance
  • Greater fatigue endurance
  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • Longer useful life

The fibres help improve resistance against tensile cracking, which is a problem that can befall concrete over time. In non-reinforced concrete, the concrete ‘beams’ can only withstand so much stress from bending before they break apart. By adding steel fibres to these beams, the resistance is significantly strengthened, allowing them to withstand much more greater loads before the first crack appears.

Steel fibres are distributed randomly throughout the mix, too, so the increased strength is felt throughout the concrete, rather than concentrated in a specific area. Thanks to this, any micro cracks or potential cracks are neutralised before they can cause serious issues.

Steel-reinforced concrete is an extremely effective product for heavy duty usage, where heavy loads are expected. From warehouses and factories to aircraft hangars and runways, the strength of this concrete means it can withstand far more than the average concrete mix.

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