Ground Line Pumps

A ground line hydraulic pump can transport concrete to the required pour site quickly and easily, even if it is a long way from the road, behind another building or if there are a lot of obstacles in the way.

Ground pumps feature a series of connected pipes and hoses that can be manoeuvred into place to navigate almost any obstacle, negating the need to wheelbarrow the concrete long distances or through tight spaces. This also means ground line pumps are ideal for larger quantities of concrete that would otherwise take a long time to deliver.

A ground line pump can reach over 150 meters, with possible extensions if required.

Benefits of ground line concrete pump hire

  • Ideal solution for work sites with access issues
  • Extended length to pump concrete long distances
  • Reduces manpower requirements
  • Speeds up delivery of your concrete (1m³ per minute)
  • Cleaner delivery method with no spills or waste
  • Easy and cost effective hire from EasyMix

How does a ground line concrete pump work?

Mixed concrete is discharged into the pump’s hopper from the concrete mixer vehicle. From here it is pumped along a pipe to the required location. The pipe can be carefully laid along the ground, to ensure the concrete reaches its destinations quickly and with no spills.

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